Comstock's magazine 0519 - May 2019 - Page 18

n EVIL HR LADY DILEMMA OF THE MONTH SHOULD I GIVE FEEDBACK TO REJECTED CANDIDATES? by Suzanne Lucas ILLUSTRATION: JOHN CHASE I ’m a recruiter for a popular company, and we receive a lot of applicants for jobs. We can’t interview all of them, and even great candidates aren’t necessarily interviewed. And of those, most won’t be hired. Frequently, candidates — both those who get interviews and those who don’t — contact me to find out why they weren’t hired or even interviewed. Should I respond thoroughly to these inquiries, give a simple form response or ignore them? A 18 | May 2019 JOB HUNTING STINKS. Even in a great economy where there are more can- didates than positions, it’s still largely filled with rejection. Naturally, there’s a reason certain candidates didn’t get the job, and it’s understandable they want to know why — but do you have to tell them? No, of course not. Simply saying thanks but no thanks is sufficient. Please note: You really do need to say no thanks. At the application stage, this can be an automated email that says, “Thank you for applying. If we are interested in mov- ing forward, we will contact you.” If the person has come in for an interview, you owe them an email saying, “Thanks so much for your time. The position has been filled.” Don’t ghost your candi- dates. Now, let’s talk about the whys. Peo- ple who apply for a job think they are qualified and deserve an interview. But, as you said, you work for a popular company where you may get hundreds of applicants for every open position, with almost all qualified. There’s no way to interview everyone, and it would