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| HIGH PERFORMANCE | Docous agrees, adding it’s partly a generational shift. “What people expect in the workplace is a different style of working,” he says, “and the workplace is starting to accommodate that.” He says, “Studies show that you may invest $200 million in a building to de- sign and build it, but over its 50-year life, you’re going to far outstrip that number in operation costs. But not just in energy, but also in human capital.” “One of the biggest expenses a tenant has is their employee cost. They’re spending $2.35 a square foot for rent, a buck a square foot in opera- tion costs, but they’re spending $300 a square foot for their employee. If they can save 5, or just 1 percent in produc- tivity,” says Sheehy, that far exceeds the savings in energy. As a result, developers now consider employee wellness in addition to energy efficiency. “People are more productive in a sustainable building,” continues Sheehy, “because the air is better, it’s a healthier environment, and studies are starting to show that there’s less sick time in a green building.” In March 2017, the Harvard Business Review published an article highlight- ing past research showing that poor air quality impacts worker health, and thus higher absenteeism, and conversely that better air quality impacts productivity. “So make a place that is focused on workplace environment, well-being, good materials, fresh air and ventilation, with ample views to the outside, includ- ing natural light,” Docous says. “Your biggest cost in any business is the peo- ple you hire, and having a great place for them to work that’s healthy and func- tional means less absenteeism, better health and better collaboration.” n Jordan Venema is a California-based writer who enjoys gin and teaching himself dead lan- guages. He received a master’s of liberal arts from St. John’s College, but swears he’s learned more from his precocious son, Cassian, than he ever did from a book. Pinnacle Emergency Management RESURRECTION OF HELWIG WINERY I n May 2017, a fire destroyed Helwig Winery’s wine production and corporate offices facility. “That building was the heart of our operation,” says the winery’s owner, Dave Helwig, noting that it housed critical operations, including production and laboratory space, executive offices, and a commercial kitchen that supported the catering for many year-round private events and their popular summer concert series. Pinnacle Emergency Management, a leading provider of restoration services in Northern California, stepped in to resurrect Helwig Winery. Pinnacle’s founder, Leo Grover, has restored buildings after some of the nation’s worst disasters in the past 20 years, including 9/11 and hurricanes Ike and Katrina, and locally, the devastating Sonoma County and Paradise fires. Helwig’s spaces have been redesigned and rebuilt, along with a beautifully designed private tasting room, all within the same building footprint. Total construction time took six months from permit to occupancy, and was completed in time to begin crushing fruit for last “ We are the ideal emergency management solution for commercial real estate. We expertly fill the gap between disaster and returning to normalcy. year’s vintage. — LEO GROVER “We’ve been honored to assist Helwig Winery from Owner of Pinnacle Emergency Management cleanup of the fire to complete reconstruction of this critical operations building, providing them with a state-of-the-art wine-production facility, expanded high-end commercial kitchen, beautiful executive offices, and a brand-new private tasting ” room,” says Grover. “Pinnacle exceeded our expectations,” says Helwig. “The fire could have devastated our business, but they made sure we’re in a better place than prior to our disaster. I’m no fire insurance expert, and didn’t have time to manage a construction project and insurance claim negotiations, but I had peace of mind knowing I had an expert partner handling the process so I could focus on our continuing operations and planning.” Pinnacle Emergency Management 916.371.7431 April 2019 | 99