Comstock's magazine 0419 - April 2019 - Page 98

| ACRE / BOMA | “I thought, ‘My gosh, I’ve found the holy grail of property management. This is not just good for the environment. This is good for business.’” - CRAIG SHEEHY, CEO, ENVISION REALTY SERVICES operational costs, says Sheehy. “So in a 250,000-square-foot building, you’re looking at $100,000 in savings a year.” Additionally, many utility companies offer rebates that make smart planning even more profitable. Mark Riffey, senior program manager of Roseville Electric Utility, says, “We can assist with rebates if [a customer] can demonstrate that they exceed Title 24 [energy efficiency] standards by installing [efficient] lights or something of that nature.” While programs and rebates vary be- tween utility companies, Roseville Elec- tric Utility offers product rebates on LED light, Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats, HVAC tune-ups, window films and vari- ous sensors. But energy efficiency is only the smallest savings factor related to high-performance buildings. These buildings are just more market- able, experts say. When tenants consider two buildings, one “brown” and the other “green,” that’s the tiebreaker, says Sheehy. design for Sacramento’s changemakers 98 | April 201 9