Comstock's magazine 0419 - April 2019 - Page 91

| INTERIOR DESIGN | Stantec Capitol Mall ARCHITECT: STANTEC / INTERIOR DESIGNER: STANTEC / FURNISHING COMPANY: VCO/CRE8 WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT / GENERAL CONTRACTOR: BT BUILDERS An international company with offices on six con- tinents and more than 20,000 employees, Stan- tec relocated its two Sacramento offices to a single 26,400-square foot location in 2017. While Stantec’s office space is an open environment, it also includes multiple themed “escape” rooms. Designed to look like the interior of a cave or under an ocean, these sanctuaries are meant to be used as a quiet retreat for employees, according to Alfonso Rodriguez, Stantec vice presi- dent and operational lead of the Pacific region. As for the open work space, Rodriguez adds, “I don’t need to have a door closed for what I talk about, and the open space creates transparency and a learn- ing environment.” Despite its industrial envelope, Stantec relied on the influence of natural elements. Reclaimed wood furniture is found throughout the office, and the large polished stone sculptures at its reception also bring the outside in. Purposefully created to sym- bolize a mountain, the center office has cavelike niches and hidden work spaces. The white exterior and ceiling suggest snow-covered mountains, and the black interior of the offices suggests earth. Wide windows along the perimeter symbolize the sky, while wooden sculp- tures designed to look like branching trees surround a common work space known as the Nest. The purpose of the Nest, says Rodriguez, “was to create a gathering space within our work space. It’s a more comfortable location than a traditional meeting room,” a place to work either independently or collaborate separately from personal desks. Impressionistic and colorful rugs and modern furniture con- trast with the industrial surroundings and black-and-white tones of the surrounding office. n April 2019 | 91