Comstock's magazine 0419 - April 2019 - Page 9

CONTENTS n FEATURES April 2019 34 50 ON THE COVER: WELLNESS 34 In the Age of Isolation Could loneliness make us worse at our jobs? At Sacramento State, researcher and professor of management Hakan Ozcelik has been puzzling over this question for the last decade. by Jeff Wilser EDUCATION 50 Charting the Next Course ILLUSTRATION: ANDREW J. NILSEN THE LONELY PROFESSIONAL | SENIORS REDISCOVER CANNABIS | CHARTER SCHOOL REFORM BUSINESS INSIGHT FOR THE CAPITAL REGION APRIL ‘19 VOL. 31 | NO. 4 the blockchain wave How it works and what it could mean for your business by Steven Yoder California’s charter school law hasn’t gone through comprehensive reform since it was passed 27 years ago. Now, with a new governor, regulation around transparency and authorization are poised to change. 42 by Sena Christian FINANCE CANNABIS 58 Silver Stoners In an era where attitudes around marijuana are shifting, cannabis use among seniors is spiking, with usage among adults over 65 increasing seven-fold since 2007 — and dispensaries are taking note. by Torey Van Oot Lost in the Block? Blockchain technology lets people and businesses conduct transactions without intermediaries. Evangelists say these transactions are more secure, cheaper and faster. Yet the vast majority of blockchain startups fail, and critics say its enthusiasts are selling solutions that won’t deliver. by Steven Yoder April 2019 | 9