Comstock's magazine 0419 - April 2019 - Page 82

| ACRE / BOMA | “Ninety-three percent of companies that suffer an IT disaster will file for bankruptcy within a year, and 60 percent can expect to be shut down within six months.” - CHRIS MILLIGAN, SENIOR DIRECTOR OF SALES (SOUTH REGION), CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS 82 | April 201 9 encountered run the gamut, from “a whole basement backing up with 12 feet of blackwater,” or another scenario when “a rooftop generator malfunctioned and leaked 250 gallons of fuel all the way down through the office floors, where now ev- eryone is sniffing diesel fumes.” When disaster strikes, Moore says it’s important to contact your building owner or insurance immediately. “Whether its fire or water or an earth- quake, step one for the building owner is always to call their insurance adjuster,” he says. “Step two is to stabilize the environ- ment. That could be installing a construc- tion fence around it, securing it or getting control of the building so it doesn’t further the loss.” With the diversity of problems facing business and building owners, Moore cau- tions, “Remember not to perform any work with employees [present] because you could be exposing employees to hazards,” increasing the liability.