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Global Compliance Club Latin American Cafe Changing seats: is Latin America coming of age? International arbitration has been the preferred dispute resolution mechanism for many years in large cross-border transactions involving Latin American jurisdictions, assets, or parties. Any perceived negativity that governments and private parties once harboured, has gradually given way to an increasingly “arbitration-friendly” environment 12 July 2017, Mexico City While Latin America has succeeded in opening its doors to international arbitration, corporations most often select New York, Paris or Miami as the seat of their disputes. Is this now changing? Some experts suggest that we are now seeing an increase in the choice of seats in the region. Masterclass participants will debate the extent to which we are experiencing a “coming of age”, where states and commercial parties are more prepared to accept or even insist on local Latin American seats such as Santiago, Mexico City, Panama, Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, particularly where the disputes are to be run in Spanish or Portuguese. Our distinguished panel will cover the following concerns Time 08.00h - 10:30h Venue Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe Avenida de los Poetas 100 Santa Fe, La Loma 01389 Mexico City 1. Are we experiencing a move towards the use of Latin American seats, and if so, why? What are the current key criteria when selecting a seat for a Latin American dispute? 2. What are the dos and don’ts of drafting arbitration clauses for a Latin American seat? 3. What are the potential challenges that the NAFTA agreement update might bring to the practice of arbitration? To register, please email Rebecka Larsson at In collaboration with: 38 • IBERIAN LAWYER • May / June 2017