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Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024

Health Care Policy

For manufacturers to be able to attract talent , they must be able to provide outstanding health care benefits for a reasonable cost .
A major part of attracting talent to the manufacturing industry involves the benefits and other programs of support that employees want . For years , Michigan manufacturers have offered outstanding benefits . We wish to continue to provide adequate health insurance , which is a vitally important aspect of our work .
However , the rising cost of health insurance creates a drag on the growth and success of manufacturing . This is a cost that can be controlled provided that the state of Michigan gives manufacturers the opportunity to do so . The best way to accomplish this is to avoid health care mandates . State directives that mandate what health insurance contracts must contain may be well-intended but will ultimately lead to increased costs and less flexibility to design a program employees desire . It is more important than ever that manufacturers are not hindered with government-mandated coverage not in sync with out-of-state competitors .
Michigan Manufacturers Say
We want our employees

“ to have the best health care available , but it is expensive and becoming a larger challenge to overcome . Without these health benefits , Michigan manufacturers like us will not be able to attract the people with skills to Michigan and will not be able to compete in the marketplace . Making health care affordable is important for the small manufacturer to succeed .

— Suzanne C . Morrison , Director of Marketing , Hatch Stamping Company , Chelsea
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