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Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024

Infrastructure , Transportation & Natural Resources

Recognizing the priority role Michigan ’ s roads , bridges , waterways and pipelines have on manufacturing ’ s ability to receive raw materials and ship products across the state and country
Successful commerce relies on critical infrastructure to move raw materials to manufacturers and finished goods to markets .
Michigan ’ s economy is tied closely to the transfer of raw materials across the state and country and Michigan ’ s manufacturers rely on our state ’ s infrastructure to ensure those materials are delivered and transformed into vehicles and other durable goods .
Michigan must protect and enhance our critical infrastructure , including efficient intermodal transport , to enable economic growth and prosperity for its citizens and local manufacturing employers .
~$ 860 Billion in Freight moves on Michigan highways , rail lines and ports each year
Source : Michigan Department of Transportation
Michigan Manufacturers Say
The maintenance

“ of a clear and navigable regulatory environment in Michigan is necessary to ensure the continued success of both mining and manufacturing in the state . Iron ore mining in Michigan has a rich history and will play an important role in the state ’ s manufacturing future . Iron ore pellets from our Tilden Mine in the Upper Peninsula enable Cleveland- Cliffs to produce the very highest grades of steel products at its steel mills , including Dearborn Works in Dearborn . These advanced steel products are critically necessary to the automotive industry in Michigan and elsewhere .

” — Ania Ediger , Senior Manager ,

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc ., Ishpeming
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