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Community Employer-Driven Talent Solution
Compete to Succeed 7
Policy principles to support a competitive manufacturing sector . Michigan must :
■ Ensure that job training programs effectively deliver the skills needed for a 21st Century economy and for Industry 4.0 .
■ Provide education reforms which will build the foundation of manufacturing skills , which includes modifying the Michigan Merit Curriculum to allow for the flexibility to create career pathways though student exploration of a manufacturing career .
■ Reduce barriers to postsecondary education and skills development for all .
■ Invest in demand-driven manufacturing training .
■ Ensure every student will graduate from high school and is prepared for the next step .
■ Recognize and support a diverse set of education and training models .
■ Provide support for solutions to the availability of day care as it continues to be a barrier for workers to enter the workplace .
Specific Actions for Leaders :
■ Secure sustainable funding for the Going PRO Talent Fund of at least $ 100 million .
■ Dramatically transform Michigan ’ s education system to match the speed of the global economy , with a priority on establishing multiple pathways to learning , Career and Technical Education ( CTE ), career exploration and work-based learning in K-12 and post-secondary education institutions .
■ Continue support and promote use of the Tri-Share program to address the daycare needs employees face .
■ Continue investment in the SME PRIME ® initiative .
■ Structure state-supported talent development programs , so they connect Michiganders with industry-recognized and desired skill certificates .
■ Eliminate administrative and regulatory barriers incorporated into existing or new job training programs .
■ Invest in high-quality apprenticeships , internships and earn-and-learn programs and allow those investments to cover the full range of costs of the programs .
Through strategic partnership with the SME Education Foundation and advocating for funding from the state of Michigan , MMA has expanded the nationally acclaimed PRIME ® high school manufacturing / engineering education program to 33 schools , covering every corner of the state . PRIME ® — Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education — fosters partnerships between local manufacturers and educators to deliver handson learning relevant to those employer ’ s needs . The program provides equipment , curriculum , professional development , scholarships and more to students and teachers , all supported and informed by local manufacturers .
PRIME ® is a proven model for addressing the skills gap : 89 % of PRIME ® school graduates enter manufacturing careers and / or pursue a postsecondary education in engineering or manufacturing disciplines right out of high school . Build Michigan ’ s future workforce with PRIME ® and MMA .

Community Employer-Driven Talent Solution

There are currently 33 PRIME schools operating in Michigan , with cooperation of 169 manufacturing companies .
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