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Making A Change In The Community The Arlington Citizens Police Academies are for residents of all backgrounds and occupations. It is offered as a public service to the community at no cost to participants. The Citizens Police Academy is part of our ongoing efforts to increase awareness and support for local law enforcement. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your police department. Citizens Police Academy (C.P.A.) Hispanic Citizens Police Academy (H.C.P.A.) Graduates are better-informed citi- zens who can share their know- ledge and experiences with friends, family members and neighbors. Graduates are also invited to join their respective Alumni Associations and continue their involvement as police volunteers. The Alumni Asso- ciations meet monthly. Benefits of participating in a Citizens Police Academy program include: • Helps to alleviate misunder- standings about policing • Enhances trust in the community • Teaches participants how to better protect their property and enhance overall safety • Provides an opportunity to participate in a ride out with an officer for a day • Offers a firsthand look at the polices and regulations that police must follow • Provides all graduates an opportunity to join the CPA Alumni Association and continue their involvement with the Arlington Police Department through a number of exciting volunteer opportunities. To become involved, contact Officer Tim Hayden CPA Coord., 817-459-6468,, or Officer Marisa Sandham, HCPA Coord., 817-459-5817, -16-