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Citizens and Police United The COP Mobile program is designed to reduce property crimes such as auto and residential burglaries by directing strategic patrols to areas in need of a visible presence. These city-owned vehicles are not designed in any way to resem- ble a police patrol car, yet gives a clear indication that the driver is trained to contact police immediately if they view suspicious activity, a crime in progress, or even a medical emergency. Citizens On Patrol Mobile After becoming a member of Citizens on Patrol, volunteers will be able to cooperate with their neighbors to patrol your community. However, patrolling is not the only function that members perform to benefit their neighborhoods. Groups have performed litter cleanup, received grants to fund beautifica- tion projects and worked with UTA students to combat graffiti. Volunteers may also participate by helping to train new officers in scenario training that resemble the types of patrol calls they may respond to. Additionally, volunteers will also have the opportunity to spend the day with the Crime Prevention Unit at safety fairs to educate the com- munity about crime prevention and citizen involvement programs. To become involved, contact Victoria.Johnson, 817-459-5732, -12-