Community Life - Cleburne, TX June/July 2020 - Page 38

Caution and caustic products go hand-in-hand Keeping a home clean is no small task. All sorts of stains appear in homes every day, some harder to clean than others. And for each individual spill or accident that can dirty up a home, there seems to be a cleaning product tailor-made to address it. That can make choosing the right cleaning product more complicated than simply choosing the least expensive option. Cleaning products are not one and the same, and various consumer advocacy groups have emphasized the importance of choosing products that are both effective and safe. Caustics are one type of product that get ample shelf space at grocery stores. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, caustics are chemicals that burn or corrode people’s skin, eyes and mucus membranes. While it may seem as though no one would willingly bring such products into their homes, caustics are widely used. In fact, the National Capital Poison Center notes that drain cleaners, oven cleaners, rust removers, toilet bowl cleaners, dishwasher detergents, and cleaning products for brick and concrete are among the various products that can cause chemical burns. Adults generally know to exercise caution around potentially dangerous cleaning products, including caustics. However, children and pets may not be so savvy. That only underscores the importance of exercising extreme caution when bringing such products into a home. The NCPC notes that caustic products cause instant damage, which means parents and/or pet owners won’t be able to prevent injuries if curious youngsters and animals come into contact with these substances. Before purchasing caustic cleaning products, consumers can consider these pointers, courtesy of the NCPC. • Only purchase caustics if nothing else will do the job. Because of their potential to cause so much damage so quickly, caustics should only be purchased if no other product is up to the task. A little extra elbow grease is 38 Community Life