Community Life - Cleburne, TX June/July 2020 - Page 25

Cleburne singer-songwriter Sibley wins big in Clifton STORY BY MATT SMITH C leburne singer-songwriter Bill Sibley exudes a spirit of an old soul raconteur surveying the world through the merry eyes at odds with a countenance of a man who’s passed through the thresher once, twice if not a few dozen times, cosied up close and personal with the killing floor yet somehow emerged out the other side wiser and surprisingly chipper. He has an unmistakable scratch trademark voice. The same voice, in song, shifts into plaintive blues growl not unlike those of Muddy Waters, Keith Richards, ZZ Top and such. It’s a voice that’s earned Sibley no small measure of success and a lot of love fan base wise. “People really like my voice, especially on the blues numbers,” Sibley said with a laugh. “People will be singing along and trying to sound like I sound. When actually I’m always trying to sing like everyone else sounds naturally. I love to sing though. Course, I wouldn’t be much good as an opera guy.” Sibley, 64, also wasn’t an early starter when it Community Life 25