Community Life - Cleburne, TX June/July 2020 - Page 19

“Always promoting, always selling, always marketing and always pushing content out,” he said. “I look at social media as it’s like owning your own television network or radio station and you can put whatever content out there you want and entertain people with it. I was fortunate enough that for me, enough people gravitated to it and like it. For some reason.” Making connections “I had this little old lady say, ‘Oh, when we get into bed at night — talking about her husband who was behind her — you’re what we do.’ And I was like, ‘That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard about. You know there’s far more exciting things you could be doing?’ She said, ‘Honey, at our age, after 45 years of marriage, no there’s not.’” Prather said he never imagined being the voice people access line of credit quick ��������� ���������� Federally insured by NCUA ASK ABOUT OUR PERSONAL LINE OF CREDIT TO COMBINE OR CONSOLIDATE PAYMENTS Community Life 19