Community Life - Cleburne, TX June/July 2020 - Page 18

Courtesy photo Chad Prather of Burleson became internet famous overnight after posting a video he recorded in his truck sometime around 2015. Since then, Prather has performed during hundreds of sold out live shows and landed a gig on BlazeTV. Prather brings guests on the show, which airs Monday through Thursday nights. “We do everything for from humor, politics, current events,” he said. “We’ve got segments that we call ‘Off the rail’ where we find the wildest headlines around the world. We’ve had everybody from movie stars to best-selling authors to politicians in there. “But the most fun shows we do is we have a set built. So it’s shot for audio like podcasts, but also shot for TV like a talk show. And so we have any random number of people on set and it’s a big group interaction, which is a lot of fun. It’s a unique perspective to do a show like that and it’s just a broader version of what I’ve always done in the truck, where I take facts and stuff that’s going on in the world that’s quite quirky, wrap it in humor with a little bit of common sense and make it a pill you can swallow.” Moving past censorship Although Prather’s schedule keeps him busy, he said it’s not really the reason why he doesn’t get the chance to make truck videos as often as he used to. “A lot of people look at me now, or will send me a message, and say, ‘Well, we just thought you dropped off the face of the Earth because we don’t see your videos anymore,” he said. “Well, that social media censorship is a real thing, it really is. They cracked way down on everybody, which is unfair because you use a platform to build a career and then all of a sudden they attempt to take that platform away from you.” Prather said it’s just not fair. “And life’s not fair, I get that,” he said. “And I hate to be using that word, but it’s one of those things where that’s what anybody is like me, that’s a social media content creator, we’ve had to struggle over the last year and a half in order to get stuff seen. I thank God we’ve been able to build businesses around that ahead of time so that we didn’t just rely on social media.” The bottom line, he said, is you have to hustle. 18 Community Life