Community Life - Cleburne, TX June/July 2020 - Page 15

From his truck to the stage Chad Prather’s viral videos lead to career in stand-up comedy STORY BY JESSICA POUNDS In Old Town Burleson, Chad Prather gets a bite to eat at a local restaurant, but most don’t recognize him without his iconic cowboy hat. “See, that’s the beauty of that. I can go out incognito now,” he said. “I just leave the hat off and people have to do a double take.” Prather, who lives in Burleson, became internet famous overnight after posting a video he recorded in his truck sometime around 2015. He began posting more videos on topics such as getting his son late to school in the morning to the perks of living in Texas, and his witty insight to life’s day-to-day happenings quickly garnered him a crowd of fans from across the nation. It wasn’t long before Prather began hosting “That’s My Backyard” on RIDE TV and touring the United States performing stand-up comedy. After finishing three seasons with RIDE, Prather needed to find balance between his commitments. “My schedule of going out, doing live shows got so busy; it just wasn’t tenable anymore to do that show because it was a travel show,” he said. “They were sending me out and I’m still trying to do shows out on the road, and that was impossible.” Community Life 15