Community Education program brochures Metro North ABE - Consortium newsletter, Mar. 2018 | Page 2

The Roadmap to Success Statewide Developmental Education Plan includes ABE as a vital partner. In January, the Department of Academic and Student Affairs released the Developmental Education Strategic Roadmap: Minnesota State’s Strategic Plan for Developmental Education Redesign. The Minnesota State Developmental Education Strategic Roadmap (DESR) outlines Minnesota State’s collective initiative for developmental education redesign over the next four years. Two of the plan’s seven goals specifically target partnerships with ABE and other community resources as a part of a “comprehensive student support system” and as a vital component to addressing a number of high impact student challenges to promote greater student success. ABE is recognized as a valuable partner in addressing student readiness gaps and as a pathway for reducing significant cost barriers to students needing developmental intervention. “Our system-wide data shows that enrollment in developmental education is disproportionately overrepresented by students of color, low-income, and first-generation students. Gaps in opportunity and subsequent achievement is evident in our current postsecondary institutions. Developmental education is not only key to sig- nificantly increasing degree attainment but is also key in addressing disparities in op- portunities and outcomes by race and ethnicity and by income.” (DESR) Metro North ABE is already playing a big part in the process as we co-develop highly integrated, co-taught DevEd courses in Math and ELL at Anoka Ramsey Community College. The courses, which include ABE led supplemental instruction periods, are designed to reduce the DevEd path by a minimum of one semester, saving both time and money for the students. Across Minnesota, other colleges in the Minnesota State network have been watching this partnership closely and reaching out to learn how they can also build positive relationships with their potential ABE partners. While the reproducible models are still being developed, early success indicators are very strong. Students in the partnership classes, despite having lower initial Accu- placer cut scores, have performed very well in comparison to the students in the stan- dard classes, exceeding their performance on several benchmarks. About Metro North ABE Location Supervisors & Site Coordinators Our mission is to inspire and challenge all learners to reach their full potential. In a safe, supportive environment, we will teach the skills needed to succeed as re- sponsible citizens in our changing world. Pat Adams: Community Education Asst. Manager, Anoka-Hennepin Our vision is to provide programs that effectively develop the skills needed by individuals to achieve their goals. 2 METRO NORTH ABE CONSORTIUM Tammi Bernard: Site Coordinator, St. Francis Patrick Hobot: Supervisor, Anoka sites & GED® testing Molly Liberto: Supervisor, Blaine and Anoka County Corrections Kathleen Moriarty: Supervisor, Columbia Heights/Fridley & Brooklyn Center Pam Moriarity: Site Coordinator, Elk River Cori Sendle: Director of Community Education, Centennial