Community Education program brochures Metro North ABE - Consortium newsletter, Feb. 2016 - Page 3

ABE 101 Market Trends: Information for ABE More than ever, Minnesota ABE providers need to pay close attention to labor market information. This info, collected by the Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED), is shared with workforce centers to influence their services. These services include training, often in partnership with local agencies, that include post-secondary and ABE. Labor market information can foreshadow future adult basic education instructional opportunities, and allow ABE programs to be proactive in meeting community needs. This info is not only important to ABE managers, but also to ABE support staff and classroom teachers. Along with knowledge of current labor market information, ABE programs need to commit to creating responsive programs that successfully partner and provide adult instruction in support of the local labor market data. To achieve this, ABE programs need highly trained teachers who can work collaboratively in developing and teaching curriculum, which supports employment training and skilled managers, and support staff who can successfully participate in complex partnerships. This requires ABE programs to fully support ongoing professional development for teachers, managers, and support staff. Visit www. to stay informed of MN labor market information. Consider subscribing to DEED’s newsletters. Career Pathways Elk River ABE offers series of courses to promote professional advancement As the U.S. labor market continues to shift to jobs requiring at least some postsecondary education, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners are exploring ways to prepare adults to obtain and succeed in these jobs. Career pathways—a series of linked educational courses and training programs—is a promising approach to help more adult learners acquire a postsecondary credential that potentially sets them up for greater professional advancement. The Elk River Learning Lab of Metro North ABE offers classes in these career pathways. Classes for the Careers in Health Care Pathway include a medical terminology course, w