Community Education program brochures Metro North ABE - Consortium newsletter, Feb. 2016 - Page 2

17th Annual ABE Conference Metro North ABE employees recognized at Literacy Action Network event Metro North ABE was recognized for achievements at the 17th Annual ABE Conference hosted by the Literacy Action Network (LAN), the statewide professional development and advocacy organization. Pat Adams, assistant manager for Anoka-Hennepin Community Education and program supervisor for Metro North ABE, was honored for her leadership on behalf of LAN. Adams has served in various capacities within the organization, including long-time summer institute committee member, chair of the annual summer institute conference, two-year president-elect to the LAN board, and president of the LAN board for the past two years. Amber Delliger, a Metro North ABE instructor, received the 2015 ABE Advocacy Award. The award is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding work in promoting and advocating for adult literacy and learners. Her own personal success stories include creating lesson plans such as “Get the fear out of fractions,” and “Geometry meat raffle.” Delliger explains, “I work best with the students that have dealt with academic failure. [Many of my students] are afraid of school and they enjoy the nontraditional approach. If a traditional approach would have worked for them – they wouldn't be here with me.”She hopes that her advocacy for adult learners will bring more support – including relevant professional development – for adult learning teachers. The Metro North ABE "TEAS V test prep" team was awarded the Projects of Need and Innovation (PONI) award for their standardized exam that is contextualized to healthcare. Metro North ABE sites at Anoka Technical College and AnokaRamsey Community College are continuing to offer the TEAS test preparation classes for learners looking to apply to the college's RN, LPN, OTA, and Pharmacy Tech programs. Over 200 learners have completed the classes since its inception in 2013, and numerous other ABE programs have sought the curriculum and program development information with the hope of implementing it at neighboring community and technical college campuses across the state. About Metro North ABE Our mission is to inspire and challenge all learners to reach their full potential. We will teach the skills needed to succeed as responsible citizens in our changing world. Our vision is to provide programs that effectively develop the skills needed by individuals to achieve their goals. 2 METRO NORTH CONSORTIUM Location Supervisors & Site Coordinators Pat Adams: Community Education Asst. Manager, Anoka-Hennepin Patrick Hobot: Supervisor, Anoka Technical College and Supervisor, Anoka-Ramsey Community College Kathleen Moriarty: Supervisor, Columbia Heights & Brooklyn Center Pam Moriarity: Site Coordinator, Elk River Melody Panek: Site Coordinator, St. Francis Kara Rotramel: Site Coordinator, Forest Lake Cori Sendl: Director of Community Education, Centennial Molly Stewart: Supervisor, Blaine