Community Education program brochures Game plan for booster clubs - Page 8

Paying for Labor The district approves a contract for specific number of head coaching/director and assistant coaching positions for each sport or activity. Boosters can hire additional positions, but a Working Agreement dictates rates of pay and the full amount of the district’s expense (salary and employer’s portion of benefits) must be donated before contracts get processed. From a district point of view, boosters can hire their own employees. However, from a nonprofit management point of view, it is risky for boosters to become an employer by hiring or contracting with an individual. There is too much potential for liability. The IRS has a complicated set of laws that apply to a nonprofit that becomes an employer, and the amount of work and diligence involved is often unreasonable for small nonprofits. The best solution seems to be that if a booster agrees that labor needs to be hired, with foreknowledge of cost involved, and having been preapproved in the budget, the booster donates money to cover the cost of a district-initiated services rendered agreement (in the case of a person who is not a district employee). In the case of additional positions listed in the contract, the booster donates money to cover the district’s expense (salary and employer’s portion of benefits) at the rate of pay dictated by the Working Agreement. Either way, the donation precedes the employment. There is no going “half and half” in terms of actual payout to the person; one payer only for a person’s services. Banquets • The head coach is responsible for all facets of the end-of-season awards banquet. The head coach may collaborate with the booster club; however, the program and the agenda must be approved by the head coach. • The determination of the awards given out at the banquet is the sole responsibility of the head coach. • No alcohol is allowed at the banquets. Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Basics 4 • Coaches are allowed to work with their teams as allowed during the designated MSHSL season and the summer waiver period. • No booster club member may recruit or encourage athletes from another school to transfer to Anoka-Hennepin Schools. • Booster clubs are prohibited from paying for a individual student’s participation fee or for fees to attend a camp or clinic. • Background checks need to be run for extracurricular and academic coaching by a volunteer. • For more information, visit the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) website at PARENT INVOLVEMENT at Anoka-Hennepin Schools