Community Education program brochures Game plan for booster clubs - Page 6

Budgets Create an annual budget at the beginning of your organizational year. Stick to this budget and keep everyone on the same page. • Create a budget timeline; hold a budget meeting at the beginning of your organizational year to explain the budget and gain membership’s approval. • Determine a request cycle and approval process that will be used for all budget requests. There is no obligation by the booster club to fund a specific request, but to maintain good relationships the approval process for requests should be made clear for all involved. • Plan fundraising activities early so they are part of the budget planning process. • Effective boosters remain consistent with their budget for the duration of the budget cycle. Coaches should not expect or frequently request that boosters spend funds outside of pre-approved budgets. Organized, detailed books provide the financial foundation for your organization. • Consistent, accurate records make annual tax filings much easier. • Accountability with your members and the public can be established. • Future programming and budgeting are accomplished more efficiently by budgeting ahead for the upcoming year. • Important, required documents and history should be preserved and passed on to new leaders, maintaining the stability of your organization. It is essential that boosters handle their own funds, and coaches handle their own funds. There should be an approved process in place regarding managing and reconciling funds. 2 • Writing checks- If the booster club is collecting for a fundraiser or selling items, checks should be written to the booster club, not to coaches or other individuals. • Collection of funds- It is best practice that monies be collected, counted and deposited as soon as possible after an event. When counting monies collected, two people should be present at all times. • Credit cards- Coaches should not use booster club credit cards to make purchases. Booster clubs should define usage protocol and determine who is authorized to use the credit cards. PARENT INVOLVEMENT at Anoka-Hennepin Schools