Community Education program brochures Game plan for booster clubs - Page 5

Open and transparent communication between boosters and coaches is essential. Identify a consistent way for coaches to have input to your booster, and for your booster to have input to the coach/director and school. It is in the best interest of all involved to formalize communications regarding important decisions of fundraising, budget creation, planning, and implementation. Formal communications can include making meeting minutes and financial records available to the public, publishing critical decisions being made, and adhering to a stable annual budget. • Effective boosters operate in a very collaborative manner. Boosters are not subordinate to district staff, but it’s critical that they are aware of and compliant with district policies and operations. • Boosters are associations or legal corporations separate from the district. Coaches may submit various needs and budget items during the budget approval process, but boosters are not obligated to fulfill funding requests. • The district is under no obligation to accept donations from boosters. However in the vast majority of situations, as a result of effective two- way communication between boosters and staff and working together toward students’ best interests, the district accepts donations and makes agreed upon purchases. • Programs and advertising materials must align with district policies. Communication Communication Protocol This communication protocol has been developed to help promote direct communication so that problems and concerns can be addressed quickly, efficiently, and effectively between the parties involved. We ask that both students and parents follow this protocol. Anoka-Hennepin staff is committed to student success and will listen to the concerns, maintain confidentiality and return calls/emails in a timely manner. Student Activity Concerns COACH/ADVISOR/DIRECTOR Students are encouraged to express their concerns directly to their coach/advisor. Parents can contact the coach/advisor via email or telephone. VARSITY HEAD COACH/HEAD ADVISOR If the concern is not resolved, then the student or parent should discuss the matter with the activity’s varsity head coach/head advisor. If the head coach/head advisor is the person you contacted previously, please proceed to the next step. ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR If a student or parent is dissatisfied with the response from the head coach or head advisor, please contact the Activities Director at your school. PRINCIPAL If you still have concerns after speaking with the Activities Director, please contact the Principal at your school. ASSOCIATE SUPERINTENDENT If your concern has not been resolved through the Principal’s office, please contact the Associate Superintendent at 763-506-1005. 1