Community Education program brochures Game plan for booster clubs - Page 13

New Booster Clubs When establishing a new 501c3 status or organization, seek a credible and current source of information, rather than replicating old organizational models used by other boosters. View nonprofit resources at (Minnesota Council of Nonprofits). Here is a checklist to get your booster club started: • Define your mission: Your mission statement should define who the booster is, why you exist, who will benefit from your work, and what your core priorities and activities are. • Choose a name: Check for name availability and reserve your booster club name with the Minnesota Secretary of State office. More information can be found at • Enlist and elect a board of directors: At minimum you will need to have a President, Treasurer, and Secretary. It is also recommended to have a Vice President and chairs for your various activity committees. • Notify the school/administration: Please provide the Activities Director at your school with your new booster club information. • Complete your Articles of Incorporation: The articles establish the existence of your new nonprofit organization. The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits website has templates for creating your Articles of Incorporation at • Develop your Bylaws: Bylaws should outline the rules for how the organization operates and defines the rules and responsibilities of the board members. How your organization will run on a day to day basis is defined in the bylaws. The roles of the board members are explained and the rules of how the organization will operate. For more information on bylaws visit • Incorporate as a Non-Profit Organization: File your Articles of Incorporation with the Minnesota Secretary of State. This can be done online at There is a fee of $70. • Obtain a Federal Tax ID: Organizations must be incorporated before applying for a Federal ID #(EIN). When opening bank accounts you may be asked to provide your EIN. Apply for a federal ID # at To become a 501c3 - Income Tax Exempt: A 501c3 is a specific type of public charity that has gained permission from the IRS to raise money from the public for an approved purpose and is exempted from paying federal income tax. Applications and annual filings are required. • Obtain Income Tax Exemption from the IRS: File form 1023ez to be an exempt organization at www.irs.gove/uac/about-form-1023ez. 9