Community Bankers of Iowa Monthly Banker Update April 2014 - Page 20

(Rural Mainstreet continued from previous page) February’s 39.2. Colorado’s hiring index for March rose to 61.3 from February’s 51.8. Illinois: For a third straight month, the RMI for Illinois remained below growth neutral. The index increased slightly to 49.2 from 49.0 in February. The Illinois farmland-price index increased to 30.6 from February’s 29.9. The state’s new-hiring index improved to 50.7 from 44.5 in February. Iowa: The March RMI for Iowa expanded to 49.8 from February’s 48.4. The farmland-price index for March advanced to 37.6 from February’s 36.3. Iowa’s new-hiring index for March rose to 56.3 from 49.1 in February. Kansas: The Kansas RMI for March climbed to 50.1 from 49.8 in February. The farmland-price index for March declined to 41.3 from February’s 54.4. The state’s new-hiring index declined to 59.2 from February’s 64.1. Minnesota: The March RMI for Minnesota rose to 50.4 from February’s 47.6. Minnesota’s farmland-price index for March fell to 40.3 from February’s 50.6. The new-hiring index declined to 57.3 from 67.2 in February. Missouri: The March RMI for Missouri increased slightly to 50.9 from February’s 50.3. The farmland-price index for March slumped to 49.7 from February’s 64.7. Missouri’s new-hiring index decreased to 66.0 from 72.3 in February. Nebraska: For a second straight month, Nebraska’s Rural Mainstreet Index moved below growth neutral. The index improved slightly to 49.5 from February’s 48.8. The farmlandprice index for March plummeted to 27.7 from February’s 42.6. Nebraska’s new-hiring index declined to 48.4 from February’s 52.2. North Dakota: The North Dakota RMI for March declined to 52.6 from February’s 54.7. The farmland-price index declined to 58.6 from 63.2 in February. North Dakota’s new-hiring index rose to 73.1 from 71.1 in February. South Dakota: The March RMI for South Dakota expanded to a weak 49.2 from February’s 48.9. The farmland-price index for March sank to 29.4 from 44.3 in February. South Dakota’s newhiring index for March fell to 49.7 from February’s 52.5. Wyoming: The March RMI for Wyoming increased to 49.5 from 48.7 in February. The March farmland and ranchland-price index sank to 33.1 from February’s 37.2. Wyoming’s new-hiring index for March improved to 52.7 from February’s 50.2. Please help save trees and cost by receiving Bankers Update in an electronic magazine format by inserting your email address below: Please add the following names to the Bankers Update list so they will receive their own personal electronic copy each month: 20 CBI BANKER UPDATE | APRIL 2014 Please FAX this entire page to CBI at 515-453-1498. CBI and the forest thanks you.