Community Bankers of Iowa Monthly Banker Update April 2014 - Page 12

TS Bank Makes Financial Literacy A Priority in Schools Written by Jackie Haley, Membership Services Director - Community Bankers of Iowa I recently visited Treynor, Iowa to learn about CBI Member TS Bank and their local financial literacy programs. Bob Mantell, Financial Literacy Director for TS Bank Institute explained the goals of their program and how it has developed since its inception in 2009. The TS Bank Institute was created with the vision of improving financial literacy for young people throughout Iowa and the nation. The idea of establishing the Institute was originated by the Guttau family, owners of TS Bank. The first mission consisted of the creation and implementation of a financial literacy program in the Treynor Community School District that a) would impact every student in grades K-12, b) could objectively measure success, and c) could be replicated in other school districts throughout Iowa. National Lemonade Day Treynor 1st grade students have participated in this entrepreneurship-focused event that offers lesson plans and provides guidance to students and parents to build lemonade stands and sell products. A portion of the proceeds pays back “investors” and also is donated to charities. Vault This web-based interactive platform is associated with EverFi and is designed to teach elementary students basic money management concepts. Treynor 4th grade students participate in this program. TS Bank Financial Literacy Director Bob Mantell at the bank’s “Cardinal Branch” inside Treynor Elementary School. The goal of the TS Bank Institute Financial Literacy initiative was to enhance financial education by creating and implementing comprehensive K-12 programs that focus on the following areas in Personal/Consumer Finance, Banking & Financial Markets, Insurance & Risk Management, Economics, and Entrepreneurship. In the short time I was there, I was overwhelmed by the dedication of Mr. Mantell and his team. Not only were they offering lesson plans and/or full courses in financial literacy for all grades, but their partnership with the Treynor Community School District resulted in a local mandate that high school students must take a semester long personal finance class to graduate. Beyond classroom education, there were numerous programs, games and real banking experience for students right in their own school. Here is a look as what a student can experience in their years at the local participating schools. In elementary and middle schools, students have the opportunity to participate in the following: Junior Achievement This program focuses on economics and entrepreneurship for grades K-5. Five lessons are taught to each classroom by community volunteers. Iowa Money Smart Week Ben Franklin visits the elementary school every spring to teach all K-5 students the value of saving by sharing his “penny saved, penny earned” philosophy, and students participate 12 in the annual Money Smart Week Poster Contest through art class sponsored by Community Bankers of Iowa. The posters are created with various financial literacy themes. Middle school students participate in the annual Money Smart Week essay contest through English class for a chance to win a $1,000 college savings bond. CBI BANKER UPDATE | APRIL 2014 Money Island This web-based interactive financial literacy platform is sponsored by TS Bank and guides middle school students through “quests” to find Stone Broke. Students utilize laptops or tablets to participate in this game-like platform. National Theatre for Children In the spring the National Theatre for Children presents “Mad about Money” to Treynor middle school students. The presentation focuses on prioritizing needs vs. wants, understanding the difference between cash and credit, investing, and the importance of forming a savings habit. Stock Market Game TS Bank Institute has facilitated this program to elementary and middle school students as an after school event. Students learn about stock market basics and form teams to create portfolios and make trades with virtual money. Elementary School Banking TS Bank Institute has experience in facilitating elementary inschool banking programs as two schools (Treynor Elementary School and Rue Elementary School in Council Bluffs) currently have TS Bank The TS Bank-Cardinal Branch at Treynor educational Elementary School encourages students to learn branches. the value of saving at an early age. (Financial Literacy continued on next page)