Community Bankers of Iowa Monthly Banker Update April 2014 - Page 11

As Technology Propels the World Forward, Webinar Training Keeps You in the Know Why Webinars Make Sense for your Business More than any time in history, the business world is changing. We live in a world where yesterday’s supercomputers are today’s smartphones, where complex filing systems fill networks instead of warehouses, where encyclopedic knowledge is a few keystrokes away. It’s a brave new business world, where the need to maximize both budget and efficiency is at an all-time high. Today’s world demands that we do more with less, especially in keeping employees not only up-to-date, but ahead of changing regulations and technologies. It’s a business world where, more than ever, webinar training just makes sense. What is a webinar? A webinar is an online, virtual training session. Attendees view presentations on their computer or tablet device and listen to audio via computer speakers or their tablet, smartphone, or telephone. The interactive capabilities allow for communication between the presenter and the audience for questions, polling surveys, etc. Iowa TIB ad-April 1/3 pg square, color materials needed close at hand. The convenience of webinar training also reduces the need for evening or early-morning training sessions that take staff away from home and family. Webinars hold long-term value. Many webinars allow access to the program for a specific period of time after it has been presented. This allows your staff to review the information and access the handouts and tools as often as necessary. Webinars lower administrative planning, scheduling, and cost. Registering for and communicating a scheduled webinar to your staff can cost 75% less than organizing and presenting a face-to-face meeting. When you weigh the benefits versus the costs, webinars are ideal for leveraging your time and resources to keep staff at the leading edge of today’s business world. Community Bankers of Iowa partners with the Community Bankers Webinar Network to offer more than 100 webinars annually. For more information, please visit the CBI website at and click the “Express Link to Activities Calendar” to view current available Webinars, or contact Pretty Patel via email at [email protected] or by calling 515.453.1495. View a list of webinars offered in April on pg. 2. Trus ѕ