Commercial Investment Real Estate September/October 2013 - Page 15

CIRE: With so many major brokerage fi rms in the industry these days, what drove your decision to be an independent broker? Ellermann: Since I was young, my father always encouraged me to pave my own path. He was my biggest advocate and toughest critic. He was a pioneer in sales ef ectiveness consulting and a principal at William M. Mercer and Ernst & Young due to his entrepreneurial drive. Af er a long career in the corporate world, he grew sev- eral of his own successful companies. In the months before he passed, he encour- aged me to uncover the core of what I wanted in my own life. We discussed the entrepreneurial opportunities of a career in commercial real estate — a business with high risks and high rewards. I started with a local f rm that I trusted. When I wanted to take my career to the next level, I brought a book of business to my own f rm, and I maintain relationships with every cli- ent I’ve ever worked with. I thrive on the boutique essence of entrepreneurship and having full accountability and control of my own endeavors. I’m very grateful for the work ethic and loyalty my father provided me — which cascades down to every client and relationship I’ve made in this business. CIRE: What advantages have the CCIM education and professional network offered you in the short time you’ve been a designee? Ellermann: T e education has made me a better commercial real estate professional, and the CCIM network has put me in a position to grow in my career. As an inde- pendent practitioner, I wouldn’t have the wherewithal to meet the kind of profession- als I have since earning the designation. For example, as a volunteer at the CCIM booth during the International Council of Shop- ping Centers RECon 2013, I had an oppor- tunity to work with and meet fellow des- ignees and other major hitters with global brokerages simply by promoting the pin and the CCIM network. My overall experience with the CCIM Institute has been the highlight of my career thus far. I’ve learned from, networked with, and befriended best-in-class instructors and colleagues who’ve opened doors to greater opportunity. CIRE: What advice can you offer to others who are just getting started in the industry? Ellermann: Creative opportunities exist in all market cycles. Jennifer Norbut is senior editor of Commer- cial Investment Real Estate. If you have a story worth sharing in CCIM Q&A, send it to Tell Your Clients Who You Really Are. Want to make sure your clients and potential clients know you’re a CCIM? T en af x your business card to the latest copy of Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine and leave it with them af er your next meeting. Or mail a copy with a personalized note. Bulk copies of CIRE are available to CCIM designees at greatly reduced prices for use in their personal marketing campaigns. 5 copies 10 copies 30 copies Current Issue $15 $25 $60 1-Year Bulk Subscription (6 Issues) $90 $150 $360 Limited quantities available, so call today to place your order. Shipping fees will be added to non-U.S. orders. Call 800-621-7027, ext. 4507. September | October | 2013 13