Commercial Investment Real Estate May/June 2017 - Page 25

CCIM Chapter History Timeline* “From those early days, CCIM designees in Hawaii have become well-known in our community. Bankers, appraisers, lawyers, and institutional inves- tors have great respect for the CCIM designees.” 1971 1971: The Northern California CCIM Chapter is the first CCIM chapter. 1972 1972: The Washington State and Ohio CCIM Chapters are established. Strong Foundation Another well-regarded CCIM chapter, the North Carolina Chapter is celebrating 35 years and has grown from a handful of CCIMs in the early 1980s to more than 600 members. Today this Chapter is striving to be more inclusive by attracting more women and minorities and encouraging them to serve in leadership positions. Active since her pinning in 2010, Beverly Keith, CCIM, has been involved with the North Carolina Chapter and serves as a member of its Executive Committee. “We are working on how to be more relevant to millennials and doing more to bring value to our current members while keeping annual dues stable,” says Keith, senior vice president of retail ser- vices at Avison Young in Raleigh, N.C. For example, the North Carolina Chapter sup- ports 12 scholarships for those earning the des- ignation and offers its members free continuing education and STDB training. Every October, a Chapter Task Force reaches out to those pursuing the CCIM designation to give them an extra push through scholarships and encouragement, as well as sharing ideas of how to network with designees. Keith’s designation and chapter involvement sig- nifi cantly enhanced her career. “Within the fi rst few years of earning the designation, my business increased by 30 percent through referrals from other designees,” Keith says. Like most chapters, the North Carolina Chap- ter hosts CCIM courses, but it has never can- celed a CCIM training session. “I don’t know of any other chapter that can make that claim,” says Robert “Bob” Carter, CCIM, fi rst North Carolina chapter president and a designee for 40 years. “We have always recognized the importance of CCIM education, and our Chapter has always had great, unselfi sh leaders who understand the importance of CCIM Institute, our chapter, and the designation.” In tandem with its strong chapters, CCIM Institute has successfully evolved during its fi rst 50 years. For the next 50 years, CCIM Institute and its chapters will continue to rely on each other for the ideas and innovations that keep its members at the forefront of knowledge and technology. Sara S. Patterson is executive editor of Commercial Investment Real Estate. CCIM.COM 1973: The Colorado and Wyoming CCIM Chapters are founded 1973 1974: The Florida and Minnesota CCIM Chapters are established. 1974 1975: The Illinois and Hawaii CCIM Chapters are founded. 1975 1976: The Utah CCIM Chapter is established. 1976 1977 1977: The North Texas, Kentucky, and Arizona CCIM Chapters are founded. In the early 80s, the Arizona CCIM Chapter split into the Central Arizona and Southern Arizona CCIM Chapters. 1978 1978: The Mississippi, Northern Nevada, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Oregon CCIM Chapters are established. 1979: The Maryland/Virginia, Pennsylvania/ Delaware/New Jersey, and South Carolina CCIM Chapters are founded. 1979 1980: The Memphis Metro and Mid- Tennessee CCIM Chapters are established. 1980 1981: The Michigan, Georgia, Virginia, Houston, West Virginia, Los Angeles, and San Diego CCIM Chapters are founded. 1981 1982: The New England, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, New Mexico, High Plains, and Connecticut CCIM Chapters are established. 1982 1983: The Kansas City CCIM Chapter is founded. 1983 1984: The Indiana and St. Louis CCIM Chapters are established. 1984 1985: The Alabama CCIM Chapter is founded. 1985 The majority of current 54 CCIM chapters were founded by 1985, as shown by these 42 CCIM chapter listed on the timeline. In the intervening years, a few states such as Florida divided into districts. Several CCIM chapters in international countries have been established, such as in Canada, South Korea, and Taiwan, but most CCIM chapters remain in the U.S. * Note: Records on the early years of CCIM chapters are sketchy, and some CCIM chapters were re-incorporated if the number of members fell below the required minimum. May | June 2017 23