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At its height, Real Estate CyberSpace Soci- ety had 4,000 active members. During this time, we also invented and developed a platform for conducting virtual conven- tions ( We licensed this platform to organizations, including NAR’s commercial division. For a decade, we conducted annual national real estate cyber conventions featuring as many as 50 speakers, 150 booths, and more than 4,000 attendees annually. CIRE: With the evolution of social media and other online networking platforms, how has the Real Estate CyberSpace Society evolved over time? Peckham: T e Society grew with vigor until the economic downturn forced real estate practitioners to tighten their belts. Today the Society continues to of er its three most valued benefits: CyberTips e-newsletter, Real Estate Radio/TV, and the RealBuyer Investor eDatabase. In addition, based on 50 Visit to read Jack Peckham’s article “The Computer – A Powerful Aid for Selling Income Property,” which originally appeared in the May 1968 issue of the National Institute of Real Estate Brokers’ CID Letter. years of deal making, I now of er individual deal mentoring to brokers combining the techniques I developed over the years with the knowledge base I gained from my CCIM training. CIRE: Did you learn any lessons early in your career that continue to shape the way you do business today? Peckham: T ose early days were the seeds of organization and professionalism for the commercial real estate industry — and the foundation for my marketing successes over the years. Mixing my CCIM educa- tion and camaraderie with imagination and chutzpah, I have entered most transac- tions quite sure that I was better equipped and more knowledgeable than most sellers and buyers. T is, with a sprinkling of hard work, has worked pretty well for me over the years. Jennifer Norbut is senior editor of Commer- cial Investment Real Estate. If you have a story worth sharing in CCIM Q&A, send it to SAVE THE DATE DENVER 20 1 3 OCTOBER 24-25,2013 DENVER SHERATON IN DENVER, CO March | April | 2013 13