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St Helens Plant Continues Expansion as Primary UK Ringlock Supplier , Produced by MJ Gerüst

St Helens Plant have recently established a new partnership with fully automated scaffolding manufacturers MJ Gerüst , based in Germany .
The new partnership will provide huge advantages for Ringlock users in the UK , due to St Helens Plant being the primary supplier of MJ Gerüst ’ s Ringlock system , supplied by St Helens Plant as COMBI / COMBI METRIC .
This type of Ringlock system has the ability to be easily combined with other Ringlock systems .
Fully Robotic Manufacturing Process
This new and very exciting partnership combines the very latest in robotics manufacturing technology with complete-care .
St Helens Plant can add to a complete care package , by offering a repair and reconditioning service , alongside UK supply chain ability . This meaning we not only sell the equipment we also have the ability to repair and recondition damaged equipment .
MJ Gerüst produce system scaffolding components within their state-of-the-art automated manufacturing plant , spanned over a 200,000 square meter area . Producing expertly engineered , high precision scaffolding products , supported by a workforce of over 400 employees .
Soon to be Available at St Helens Plant
MJ Gerüst Automated Manufacturing Plant
St Helens Plant will soon have a plentiful stock of fully automated manufactured Ringlock on site and in stock . Below shows a short preview of one of MJ Gerüst automated manufacturing plants , and their state-of-theart technology used to produce scaffolding components .
In addition , MJ Gerüst partner company the JUNIOR- Group , who produces exclusively in Plettenberg in the Sauerland region . Has seen significant growth over recent years , and recently purchased much larger premises based in their home location of Plettenberg . The new JUNIOR-Group premises features over 90,000 square metres of production and storage space , which previously employed over 3,000 people .
MJ Gerüst Scaffolding Systems ‘ Made in Plettenberg ’ – Sauerland , Germany
Traditional Ringlock V ’ s COMBI / COMBI METIC Ringlock
For many years St Helens Plant have identified a common issue in the traditional system manufacturers such as ; Kwikstage , Cuplock .
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Our new partnership addresses that issue , meaning that any type of ‘ Ringlock ’ currently in use or invested in – can be used in conjunction with St Helens Plant ’ s Ringlock ( COMBI / COMBI METRIC ).
This gives the customer the advantage to purchase new products that are fully supported by a complete care , repair and maintenance package .
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