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St Helens Chamber staff enjoy Chamber Planning Day looking forward to 2022.

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St Helens Chamber staff enjoyed a Chamber Planning Day on 6th December aimed at helping staff to get to know new colleagues, reconnect with existing colleagues after lockdown, share ideas and learn more about the future vision of the Chamber.

The planning day consisted of a range of activities and presentations and gave all staff in attendance the chance to mix with people from all over the business to get a fresh perspective on how their roles fit in to the organisation.

Tracy Mawson, Chief Executive of St Helens Chamber, explained: “It was fantastic to be able to safely hold this meeting with all of the Chamber staff. Some people joined us over lockdown and might not have met all their colleagues in person, so it was a great chance for everyone to get to know each other.

“The day saw lots of collaboration and engagement from staff all over the business, and we gained lots of insightful feedback on how we can make our organisation stronger in the future.”

The themes of the day focussed on three themes: collaboration, organisational strength, and high performing teams. Each theme had its own activity to encourage discussions between colleagues at all levels and departments.


This section focussed on getting to know colleagues and working together towards a common goal. Staff worked on team building and had an opportunity to meet new colleagues and reconnect with existing colleagues.

Organisational Strength

This section focussed on the Chamber as a whole, looking at strengths and opportunities, finances, and sustainability, and identifying priorities for 2022.

High Performing Teams

This section provided training on what a high performing team looks like, and how staff can get the best out of each of our teams.

Tracy continued: “The event overall was a great success, and we look forward to doing similar events in the future to help staff build connections with people all across the business.”

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