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cA : Who is driving that need ? Was it the architect saying , okay , this is what we need to achieve ? Or was it you saying : Here ' s a heads up . If we don ' t do these types of things , you are going to see these .
TGP : Yeah . In this case , based on the requirement they had , this was the only product that worked for them . So a lot of the glass products that are available as more of a commodity in the fire-rated world are these ceramics which are alternatives to wired glass .
When you get into these transparent wall applications where we ' re really providing something that is tested and considered to be solid wall construction , just allowing for visibility , you ' re typically going to be led to a specific line of products , which are thicker than traditional glass .
So in this case , when she told me what the application required , it wasn ' t a " you can have this , or you can have that ." It was simply , if you need to meet this standard , here ' s the product . We make it look as good as possible , especially since we want to keep it clear . And so really , in this case , what they got to choose was how to use it . pretty simple to say , okay here ' s the system that ' s going to give you the most glass , the least metal .
And you know , I don ' t always get into what ' s going on around this , but in this case , I think it was pretty simple . And you can see it . A lot of those photos , one side of this . It ' s going to be non-rated in a lot of cases , the other side isn ' t . And so the idea is how do we best match what ' s on the other side of this thing , again , going back to that , we want what we ' re providing to look exactly like what ' s being provided everywhere else to make this whole thing have that continuity , that seamless transition .
So I think this one from that end , once they told me what they needed , it was a pretty simple direction to give them the product that would be best .
In these systems , the glass is the constant . The rating will dictate the thickness of the application and there will be a size limitation per piece — what they get to choose . And this is where sort of the fun for me comes into play based on what they want it to look like . I have an array of framing options or installation options that they can use .
This could have been a captured storefront system with aluminum mullions or in this case because of what they were looking for , ended up with that clear silicone joint . So coupling that low iron glass with a muillionless , clear silicone five millimeter gap between that stuff basically makes for a continuously clear wall for them to really open up and obviously get that super cool , unique red look , displaying all the interesting things that are inside that lab itself .
cA : Okay . We know this is the right product , but how do we use it ?
TGP : Exactly . And I think based on what they were describing , what they wanted it to look like , it was
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