commARCH Sept/Oct 2021 Issue - Page 62

EB : I spent a lot of time making sure that I was in the budget , but the things that we were either eliminating or changing , still made it feel like that space that we had all looked at and we did it .
So I ' m very happy about that .
cA : So how was working with TGP ? How did you find them and how did that process work ?
EB : When we were looking at the code , I had come across something that I realized needed to be addressed .
I asked our code person in the office and he [ said ] yeah , you ' re going to have to do fire-rated glass . And we all know that ' s expensive . And I also had the challenge of trying to make this glass box look like it was one continuous glass box . The difference is that the outside wall was fire-rated and then the inside wall wasn ' t .
So how do you connect two different types together ? I spent a long time on that detail and I worked with TGP to talk to them about . And you know , to do the Buckley ' s also , that ' s where we spent our money because it was really important to be able to see the animation lab . So I called them up because I used them on other jobs .
But I ' ve never used the clear view before . So I wanted to go through that with him . What exactly should I specify to get this look , this is what I want it to look like . I showed him the renderings I had done . And he really guided me through that whole process .
And even when the submittals were coming in , I was able to send them to him and he was able to say , yep , we ' re good to go . This looks good . So it was a little more reassuring to me . the lead times to help me achieve the design I ' m looking for .
Helping me to brainstorm different ways [ and ] different details — TGP really did that .
HF : Yeah , I have to say that during the construction we had a little mishap , they were unloading some of the glass and it fell and broke .
And with the lead times being the way they are and all supply chains really being affected by the pandemic ... you know , the contractor came up with some interim partition , but the glass supplier really stepped up and expedited the replacement pieces for us . So the project was ready on time .
And that was really excellent . You know , not only were they , as I ' m hearing now , great support to the design , both at the point of design then the metals , to making sure that ... all the parts and pieces were there and it was going to come together onsite just as it was envisioned .
But then when there was a hiccup , they also stepped up and helped us . And made sure the project could be launched on time for the students .
HF : It ' s how you solve the problem that everyone remembers . And I like to say that when everything goes everyone ends up looking great and something goes wrong . Doesn ' t really matter where that started , but we all of . Rise or fall together . And this was definitely a project where I think as a team , epic construction and NK Architects , the glass supplier FTU , we were all working together as a team .
It was great communication . And the result was outstanding . cA : There was a little bit of a hurdle . They were able to solve it . So they came in to prove that the concept was actually execution , and then took you through to make sure everything went exactly right ?
EB : Yes and good communication is always key . Especially ... I will use a rep time and time again , if I know that they are willing to help me out with
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