commARCH Sept/Oct 2021 Issue - Page 47



58.8 %

Active Local Community Members

41.2 %

School Business Administrators

23.5 %

Parents of a child in the school system

17.6 %

Parent Teacher Organization members ( or similar )

2.9 %

Public School Board Members
In September 2021 , commARCH Research Group conducted a comprehensive study involving the end-user communities of U . S . public schools . Research on community and administrator standpoints on the design process and its contemporary requirements were surprisingly lacking .
The recent pandemic required communities to quickly address educational experiences that were unlike previous years and to use those learnings for a richer student outcome .
During the past few decades , significant concerns regarding security threats have mounted . The National Center for Education Statistics ’ 2020 “ Report on Indicators of School Crime and Safety ” highlights 80 % of public schools reporting incidents of violence , theft and other crimes . School shootings , especially in high schools , have dramatically escalated during the past two decades , with 38 % of incidents occurring inside the school building according to the Center for Homeland Defense and Security . This knowledge presents an opportunity for the design community to assist in solutions that can , often times , seem overwhelming in scope .
commARCH Research Group explored other significant areas of investment and priorities for the community members as well as how they select an architect partner in the design and / or renovation process . What is not presented in this September / October 2021 issue of commARCH is additionally presented in a downloadable report on its website : commARCH . com .
This is one of many initiatives commARCH has provided the commercial architecture community with the desire for all individuals and firms to have access to the most comprehensive end-user / occupant insights .
commARCH appreciates Masonite ’ s decision to partner on this
study and assist in its wider distribution . While it certainly aligns with the launch of its MASONITE DEFENDR TM DOOR SYSTEM , Masonite has a significant historic commitment to the success of architects , their firms , partners and the communities they serve .
Who took part in the study ?
Because of the profile of the respondents , the vast majority fit into multiple categories of involvement . As a result , the percentages do not add up to 100 % as they were enabled to associate with all areas of activity and concern .
5,000 randomly selected community members that fit into at least one of the key categories of involvement were asked to participate . No incentive beyond having the ability to communicate directly with commARCH ’ s subscriber community — architects and owners / developers — was provided . The resulting 22.7 % participants provide an at times uncomfortable insight into today ’ s school design dynamic .
What is one fundamental question that “ sets the stage ” for the rest of the answers ?
On a scale of 0-10 ( where “ 0 ” is “ Not Likely “ and “ 10 ” is “ Highly Likely / Absolutely ”), how likely are you to state your community ’ s education buildings are FULLY PREPARED for any safety and security situation ?
“ “

97.5 % answered 5 .

Less than 50 total participants answered “ 10 ” and they were almost exclusively “ School Administrators .” commARCH // 47