commARCH Sept/Oct 2021 Issue - Page 28

Renewed Landmark
The two towers of the Bronx ’ s Crotona Park have long served as a landmark and destination during the day , while illuminated glass lanterns beckoned passersby at night . Now , more than 80 years after they began beaming , EXTECH has renewed this landmark with modern performance .
Aiming to replicate the historic look of the clock towers ’ original glass blocks while adding modern performance to the structural assembly , EXTECH selected clear blocks for the lantern towers due to their transparency . The lanterns ’ stainless steel framing was concealed by white mortar for historical accuracy . Along with the correct glass block sizing and mortar formulation , EXTECH verified the project ’ s precise design requirements with shop drawings and a submittal mock-up . To ensure both the aesthetic and performance requirements were met , EXTECH prefabricated the entire system under factory-controlled conditions .
EXTECH also manufactured the glass block assembly with special removable hoisting rings so the contractor ’ s on-site team could more easily lift the large , prefabricated units by crane and accurately set them in place . Drawings illustrating the step-by-step installation process also supported the contractor ’ s efforts in the field .
“ It ’ s rewarding to see the results of our work will continue to attract people to Crotona Park ’ s revitalized pool building and play center for many years to come ,” said Ron Clelland , EXTECH ’ s Architectural Representative in New York .
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