commARCH Sept/Oct 2021 Issue - Page 27

Krieger ’ s All New Acoustical Door Cam Lift Hinge

Krieger ’ s acoustical doors come with the most advanced Cam Lift hinge ever developed . The all new design enhances radial strength to support heavy loading and ensure longer lasting performance .
18 New Colors
LOTTE Chemical California , Inc . expands its 2021 line of premium solid surfaces with 18 new additions , available now from the company ’ s network of North American dealers and distributors . The new colors deliver the outstanding performance for which Staron is famous – non-porous construction for exceptionally easy cleanup , dimensional flexibility for use in wide-ranging commercial and residential applications , unparalleled durability , and low maintenance requirements .
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Easy , Time-Saving Maintenance
A new fitting at the bottom of the Cam Lift hinge makes it easy to keep lubricated , without having to remove the door from its hinges . Now one person can do in a matter of minutes what used to take two or more people hours .
Security Pin
For applications that require pressure and forced entry resistance , the Cam Lift hinge can be upgraded with a security pin . The only Cam Lift hinge with this feature .
100 % ADA Compliant
The Cam Lift hinge is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements regarding the maximum force required to pull the door open .
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