commARCH Nov/Dec 2021 Issue - Page 63

17 stories , an entire city block and an airplane engine .

Pella Architectural Solutions helps bring new life to an urban neighborhood .
When Kraus-Anderson Construction in Minneapolis needed a window supplier to help transform an entire city block into a mixed-use development with a 17-story apartment building , the Pella Architectural Solutions team was up for the challenge . To make sure they met such strict performance requirements , Pella worked with Kraus-Anderson to conduct numerous air , water and structural performance tests on a 40- ft . wall assembly that featured Pella ® fiberglass and competitive aluminum windows . They even performed a dynamic water test powered by an airplane engine . The result ? Pella passed every test — ensuring a project of this scale would perform for years to come .
The KA Block includes the new Kraus-Anderson Construction headquarters , HQ Apartments , Finnegan ’ s microbrewery and the Elliot Park Hotel .
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