commARCH Nov/Dec 2021 Issue - Page 58

After guests look at the various instrument offerings , Sweetwater lets consumers try them out in rooms that include a recording studio , six demo rooms , a live sound room , Dave ’ s Music Den , and Mynett ’ s Music Area . Also on the retail floor is a service area for customers to bring instruments in for repair and a consultation lounge where consumers can meet with Sweetwater ’ s team of experts to answer questions about instruments and equipment .
Although the store features many different rooms for shoppers to experience , the design aesthetic is consistent throughout . Located on the floors and ceilings , a natural color and tan palette give off a warm and inviting feel . The one exception is the live music room , purposely designed using a dark color scheme to resemble a live venue space . While each room features similar colors , the light fixtures are unique all around . For example , in the drum room , the lights are shaped like a pair of tom and snare drums , and in the piano room , distinctive wooden slats feature black rectangles that mimic piano keys .
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