commARCH Nov/Dec 2021 Issue - Page 38

Photo : PDR
LGL : The whole idea of mentoring is who are your role models — in both skill and talent , in career development , but also in how they present themselves as leaders and experts . I encourage people to seek out role models that are modeling the behavior that resonates with them . What is it about the way that person leads , coaches , mentors , behaves , or executes their work and interacts with other human beings every day that resonates with you ? Can you find it in yourself ? Because this takes development .
[ At our mid-year ,] we took a pause and said , we need to remember , we ’ re all humans . We need to understand the situation we ’ re dealing with in terms of internal and external . The world is super stressful right now … Everybody needs some grace — even your leaders . We are not perfect .
It ’ s good to be reminded that we ’ re not pursuing perfection . We ’ re just pursuing better . Some days we ’ re better at it than others .
Larry Lander : You know , one thing I would add is that — and I use this line often — there is an awful lot that I never learned in architecture school .
And the other line I use in interviews with clients — if I am trying to figure out what consultant to use , I would pick the one that I felt most comfortable being in the foxhole with . Because our projects last years — things go wrong , people make mistakes , and people forget things — even I do . When that happens … you want to have smart people with you who are going to try to figure it out and do the best they can . And you know , a lot of that sounds kind of trite , but ...
LGL : Actually , I think we ’ re in the relationship business . LL : Totally , totally .
LGL : We ’ re not in the design business . Design is the vehicle . ( Laughing .)
CA : So how do you tell your story ? Because , in my mind , so many of society ’ s issues would be cured if we just heard other people ’ s stories . Because it seems like we ’ re so judgmental until we know .
You learn how to be a designer . But running a firm or dealing with people … there were no classes on that . When you were young , you looked up to people who were more senior to you .
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