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PDR : Sculpting the Future
Lauri Goodman Lampson is President and CEO at PDR . Lauri is a business visionary who challenges founders and executives to rethink their approach to work and place . As PDR ’ s President and CEO , she is the mastermind behind the firm ’ s innovative business model and integrated approach to consulting , design , and brand services .
Larry Lander is a Principal at PDR . An architect and a pragmatic futurist , he has an innate ability to vividly portray possible futures that are rooted firmly in the present . As a Principal and PDR ’ s Director of Programming , he guides business leaders to ask more of their workplaces — to consider what is , what if , and why change ?
This is an excerpt from an episode of commARCH ’ s Podcast Series featuring Lauri Goodman Lampson and Larry Lander .
We discuss navigating the fraught landscape of sales to reach long-term relationships , adapting to the challenges presented by the pandemic with a focus on workplace design , and sculpting business organization to cultivate a strong future for the firm .
The text has been edited for clarity and length . To listen to the entire interview , head to commarch . com / pdr .
commARCH : Before we go into anything else , you as individuals are really your pure self when you go to work . How do you achieve that ? How is it that your professional and personal selves are so transparent that people want to be part of your culture ?
Lauri Goodman Lampson : Interesting question . Lately , all the leadership gurus are talking about authenticity as if it ’ s a “ new thing ” that we should strive to be . In my opinion , it ’ s just harder to be anything other than authentic . For me , “ what you see is what you get ” is way easier than showing up as something that you ’ re not or adopting a persona that you believe a boss or a leader should have .
CA : A lot of times you work for a corporation , and you want to achieve , yet as your family changes or as personal dynamics change , you become more dependent on that structure and make compromises . As a thriving , growing firm , how do you ensure that people aren ’ t compromising ?
LGL : We are incredibly passionate about our work — you can ’ t keep that in , it just emanates . If you asked me to talk about what I do and my firm , I ’ m going to be excited . There ’ s a lot of people in the world that don ’ t enjoy the work that they do .
We do this because we love it , because it ’ s freaking hard , and you wouldn ’ t do it if you didn ’ t love it . And we do it because we get to impact people ’ s lives in a way that ’ s magical . Being a creative is a unique talent and skill . Not everybody has it . We get that affirmation from our clients and the end-users that experience the worlds we create for them .
CA : It ’ s keeping the focus on the work and how it impacts , where a lot of times other places might say , “ I ’ m worried about myself . I ’ m worried about my career . I ’ m worried about how I ’ ll stand .”
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