commARCH Nov/Dec 2021 Issue - Page 34

Carlisle SynTec Systems
By Carlisle
Located in the heart of San Francisco ’ s “ Industrial City ,” the building was directly under the take-off path of the San Francisco International Airport . It also had an aging BUR cap sheet roof . There were plans to complete office renovations inside the building , so a new roof was critical to ensure the new office space would be well-protected .
The project began in Summer 2020 and was completed later that fall . The building was completely revamped into a highend office space with spanning mahogany millwork and marble floors throughout . The contractor , Legacy Roofing & Waterproofing , chose to use Carlisle ’ s SecurShield HD Polyiso which achieves Factory Mutual ’ s severe hail rating and offers exceptional protection against hail , rooftop traffic , mold , and moisture . this re-roofing project since light gray PVC could help mitigate the overwhelming reflection toward outgoing aircraft since it gives off less of a glare than a white roofing membrane .
Additionally , the chemical resistance of PVC made it an ideal choice since the building is near an airport and prone to jet fuel fallout exposure . Carlisle ’ s Sure-Flex PVC membrane provides superior resistance to the harsh chemicals from jet fuel fallout which will improve the roof ’ s performance and service life .
Carlisle ’ s light gray PVC membrane was also used to complete
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