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Exceptional Performance . Minimized Sound .

Ruskin ® acoustical louvers use sound-absorbent louver blades featuring acoustical-grade fibrous media that reduce infiltrating or escaping noise levels . Made of aluminum or steel , our acoustical louvers come in a variety of blade styles , including airfoil style for increased air performance . Ruskin louvers mitigate loud sounds or isolate the noise of equipment , making them perfect for office buildings , condominiums and public buildings where those are major concerns . Our acoustical air louvers are an optimal choice when dedicated sound attenuators cannot be installed .
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Mannington Commercial
The Case for Silence Collection
In a world full of sensory input , which never allows people to be truly still , Mannington Commercial ’ s new modular carpet collection makes it possible to connect to the serenity that one seeks even when silence is difficult to find . Optic Hush conveys the rigidity and formal structure of the anechoic chamber , where acoustical panels line the walls , no sound can penetrate the room and no other stimulus-producing elements are included . Static Echo channels the soft yet calming background noise that can be created in our brains when there is an absence of sound . Both products are available in 12 ” x 36 ” tiles and seven neutral colors and are easily coordinated with one another .
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