Ancient Greek Pottery Gets The Superhero Touch, by Nicholas Hyde.

The fascination is inevitable. These beings have the ability to transcend human mediocrity or incapability and, despite hardship, they can eliminate danger, defeat any enemy and save the day. Isn’t this what every human being inwardly craves for? In order to escape the mundane of everyday life people need an imaginary haven where good always triumphs over evil. And this is exactly what the comic universe offers.

Comic companies and film industry have realized this need of the audience to relate to a hero and therefore invest on superheroes and superheroines. The wilder the story

is, the better. The plot can be limitlessly imaginative since

superhero is either indestructible or unstoppable and when combined with astounding special effects and CGI technology the result is an unforgettable, cinematic experience which diminishes geographical and cultural barriers.

No need to be too hard on comic fans therefore. They may be too passionate or sensitive sometimes, but their need to have a superhero to look up to is not necessarily bad. Perhaps this could work as some kind of motivation for self-improvement or inspiration. They are only humans after all.



1. What is the definition of a superhero?

2. Why did ancient civilizations develop the idea of superbeings?

3. Where does the idea of a superhero come from?

4. Why do people need superheroes?

5. Why do comic companies and film industry invest on superheroes?

6. How can a superhero help a person?