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ABOUT AXLES & SUSPENSION WHEELED MOVING SYSTEM For more than 40 years, Columbia Industries has been designing and building axles, suspensions, and a variety of wheeled moving systems for customers working in a number of industries. Our designs range from smaller, off-highway systems to complex, high capacity systems designed to move very heavy loads with safety and precision. Columbia axles, suspensions, and wheeled moving systems are in use around the world. Each system is custom designed and fabricated to the customer’s specifications. Our system are designed for heavy use and a long service life, even in the world’s harshest conditions. Currently we have systems in service around the globe, from the arctic temperatures of Alaska’s North Slope, to the deserts of the Middle East. Columbia solutions are reliable, safe, efficient, and custom to your application. STEERING SYSTEM CONTROL & MONITORING Columbia offers several steering options, including simple, manual steering as well as complex, computer-controlled temposonic steering. The computer steering option gives operators the ability to perform more complex and coordinated turns, crabbing, and simple turns. Some systems are capable of up to 90° turns for precise sideways motion.t An optional control panel or wireless pendant can be supplied for your wheel system. Each control panel is custom and allows the operator to control and monitor all wheel system operations. Integrated sensors give operators real-time feedback such as tire pressure, cylinder pressure, fluid temperature, axle position, speed, and more. CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE VIDEOS 5775 NW Wagon Way, Hillsboro, OR 97124 USA P:1.503.531.0600 F:1.503.531.0601 Customer Suppport: 1.866.531.0600 COLUMBIA I N D U S T R I E S