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BIGFOOT RIG WALKING SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY Scalable capacity from 2,000,000 lbs. to well over 12,000,000 lbs. CYCLE TIME Approximately 4 feet per minute allows for precise positioning of the entire structure within 1/4”. SAFETY FEATURES The Bigfoot Walker uses a safe, low-pressure hydraulic system. The main lift cylinder hydraulic circuit is equipped with counterbalance valves. In the event of a hose rupture or breakage on the walking system, these valves will hold the cylinders in position. Emergency stops are mounted on the power unit as well as the wireless controls. The E-stops shut down the HPU motors and valves in the event of an emergency stop, while holding the load. WALKING CYCLE Lift cylinders raise the rig, then travel cylinders push the substructure along the center plank on rollers. The lift cylinders then lower the load and the travel cylinders retract for another pushing cycle. Steering adjustments are made by hydraulic cylinders while the load is off the rollers. HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT A self-contained hydraulic power unit is included, requiring only a 3-phase power connection for operation. The power unit can be located on top of the unit itself, near the rig modules, or within the rig structure. PAINT We prepare surfaces for the paint process with a thorough cleaning and apply a three-part epoxy paint system in the customer’s choice of color. Columbia Industries LLC reserves the right to make changes to specified features and components without notice. CUSTOMER SUPPORT 866.531.0600