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BIGFOOT RIG WALKING SYSTEM For over thirty years, Columbia Industries has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the oilfield industry. COLUMBIA I N D U S T R I E S We pride ourselves in commitment to our customers, our products, and our people. From the beginning, we have been known for superior innovation. These values, combined with our many years of manufacturing experience, have helped us grow to a position of leadership in the oilfield equipment design and manufacturing industries. ABOUT THE BIGFOOT RIG WALKING SYSTEM The Bigfoot Rig Walking System is a patented, scalable-capacity drilling rig and substructure moving system. The system employs the use of rollers paired with lift cylinders and a safe low-pressure hydraulic system to lift the main walking beams that carry the rig weight. Smaller plank beams run the full length of the walking beams and support the rollers. Travel cylinders are connected between the main beams and the plank beams to accomplish the horizontal movement that moves the rig. The lift cylinders and travel cylinders actuate in sequence to move the rig at a very safe and controlled pace. This efficient design is field-proven to be the safest, most reliable and precisely controlled rig moving system in the world. FEATURES Bigfoot Rig Walking Systems are being used in many countries and climates around the world, from the sub-zero temperatures of Alaska’s North Slope to the scorching heat of the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Columbia Industries can design a system to fit your operational environment and design constraints. SITE-TO-SITE PORTABILITY EFFICIENT ON-SITE SETUP WIRELESS PENDANT CONTROL HARD-WIRED PENDANT CONTROL SCALABLE CAPACITY & CUSTOM DESIGN The entire Bigfoot system can be disassembled into truckable loads. Each of the beams has an integrated tail rolling hitch, making them easy to move with standard oilfield trucks. The Bigfoot system can be operated in poorly prepared locations and can be used to jack up the entire rig vertically for leveling if required. The Bigfoot system is easily assembled by a small crew with a crane and basic equipment. Although detailed setup instructions are provided to all customers, Columbia Industries setup assistance is readily available for interested customers to ensure a fast, efficient, and safe setup. We offer the secure, encoded wireless pendant as the standard for your Columbia Rig Walking System. This allows the system operator the most freedom and visibility during rig moves. This unit also incorporates an easy access emergency stop. The E-Stop will shut down the HPU motors and valves when activated. A hard-wired pendant control is supplied as an option for the Bigfoot system. Once set up in operational condition, all movement can be controlled through the pendant. Steering and spin modes are made by easily-adjustable steering linkages. Multiple travel speeds allow rig positioning within 1/4 of an inch. The design concepts employed by Columbia Industries in this design are customizable and scalable. Contact us for information and options regarding your specific application. Custom design and fabrication is our specialty. SIGN UP FOR NEWS UPDATES CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE VIDEOS 5775 NW Wagon Way, Hillsboro, OR 97124 USA P:1.503.531.0600 F:1.503.531.0601 Customer Suppport: 1.866.531.0600 COLUMBIA I N D U S T R I E S