Colorado Reader: The Story of Colorado Beef 2022-2023: Issue 3



The Story of Colorado Beef

Number 1

Colorado has around 2.65 million head of cattle , making beef cattle the number one agricultural product in the state .
Colorado livestock and products generate more than $ 5.7 billion for the state ’ s economy .
The Red Angus cows and calves pictured here belong to Beatty Canyon Ranch located in Kim , Colorado . They are one of nearly 15,000 cattle and calf farms and ranches in Colorado .
Farmers and ranchers , also called cattlemen and cattlewomen , are caretakers of cattle and the land . The meat we eat from cattle is called beef . Beef gets its start on a farm or ranch . Some are small and some are large , but at the end of the day a farm or ranch is also a business , and usually a family business . More than 90 percent of the beef cattle farms and ranches in the United States are family owned . Cattle production in Colorado has a history of more than 150 years . Cattlemen and cattlewomen have a long tradition of providing us with a wholesome and delicious food supply , while caring for Colorado ’ s land , water , and wildlife resources .
Source : CoBeef . com
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