Colorado Reader: SPUD-Tacular Colorado Potatoes 2022-2023: Issue 1




Colorado Potatoes

What are ways to eat potatoes ?

In the lines below , write the different ways you can think of to eat potatoes .
1 . Where do potatoes come from ? ___________________________ 2 . Are potatoes a tree or a vegetable ? ________________________ 3 . Does the part we eat grow above ground or below ? ___________ 4 . Are potatoes grown in Colorado ? __________________________
The potato ( Solanum tuberosum ) is an annual plant that grows up to 100 cm ( 40 inches ) tall . The potato is not a root but a storage area that is part of the plant ’ s underground stem . Vigorous potato plants that have plenty of sunlight , water , and nutrients from the soil produce more energy than the growing plant can use at one time . The plant stores the excess energy in oval packages , called tubers ( the potatoes ). These tubers provide the plant energy to regrow in the spring . When the greenery starts to wither and turn brown , the potatoes are ready to harvest .
Potatoes produce more pounds of protein per acre than corn , rice , wheat , or oats . They are packed with nutrients , low in fat , generous in bulk , and efficiently packaged in their own skins . They can be prepared in many different ways and are delicious .
Colorado produces more than 2 billion pounds of potatoes per year and ranks fifth in the United States for potato production .
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