Colorado Reader Sept. 2019: Colorado Grows World-Class Produce - Page 4

Colorado Produce Packs a Punch! Did you know that you should eat 1 ½ cups of fruit and 2-2 ½ cups of vegetables every day? That is about the same as eating one peach and 18 baby carrots. Fruits and vegetables contain many of the most important nutrients for our bodies. Nutrients are the substances in food that our bodies need to function, like carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories, and contain no cholesterol. They provide our bodies with many essential nutrients, like vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and folate. When you eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, you are helping your body in many ways, like maintaining a healthy blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, and lowering your risk for heart disease. Also, you are helping your body form red blood cells, keeping your skin and eyes healthy, and even helping heal cuts and wounds! Fruits and vegetables really do pack a punch! Fruit and Vegetable Goals Find the hidden Colorado-grown fruits and vegetables in the puzzle. Words can read up, down, or across, from left to right or right to left. Find: Apple Apricots Asparagus Beets Broccoli Carrots Celery Chard Cherries Eggplant Grapes Lettuce Onions Pear Peppers Potatoes S E E L G R A P E S A H C A D G V P N P O T A T O E S E V R A T D O N I O N S W S P L I Y S P U M P K I N S P M E E W Z P B R O C C O L I U U P R A E A A C S E A P P L E P P Y T I Pumpkins Squash R D N Q G Q B E E T S E T E O A Z N U G V V Y A G H R O R C G W J A P R C T P G Y S M M H U Q U S L C H A R D B V A E E S G B H A V U Q I H L P T L R Q X R K N E S Y C X G G O O R O P J L T C X F O Y G Z E N I Tomatoes Watermelon 4 - Colorado Agriculture in the Classroom L E T T U C E U T Z N E S M E C A R R O T S M S L P E A R S Name a fruit you would like to try: _____________________________________ _____________________________________ How will you eat this fruit? (On cereal, as a snack, for dessert, with dinner, or on pancakes.) _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Name a vegetable you would like to try: _____________________________________ _____________________________________ How will you eat this vegetable? (As a snack, with dip, or for lunch) _____________________________________ _____________________________________